Blue 7 Gallery located at 3129 Pico Blvd., in Santa Monica will be opening a new group exhibit on January 29, 2017.  The show will run through February 25, 2017.  Six of my pieces will be shown:

Corgie - Oil on Wood Panel

Tabby Kitten - Oil on Canvas Panel

Bashful Bernie - Oil on Wood Panel

Maine Coon - Oil on Wood Panel

Little Jo Jo - Oil on Linen Panel

Baby Boxer - Oil on Linen Panel

Newest Art for May 2016

This is a still life painting of a branch from the Meyer lemon tree in my backyard.  I not only love Meyer lemons, but the trees are also beautiful and I wanted to capture the first fruit of the season.  After completing this painting, I used the juice from lemons to make honey lemon tea.  Yum!

This is a painting of a little corgi puppy.  I just couldn't resist how cute he is.  I'm always trying to capture something new and unique with each animal I paint.  This one is just plain adorable.







Newest Art for April 2016

When I saw this picture of a little Yorkie, it reminded me of JoJo, a little four pound yorkie that used to be at the "puppy play time" that my dog and I went to every week.  There were around 5 to 10 pups there on any given week.  There was a Leonburger pup (40 pounds at 10 weeks old, 160 pounds when full grown), Rottweiler pups, and everything inbetween.  Little JoJo was the boss of the play yard.  She never realized that any one of them could have squished her if they stepped on her.   This painting reminds me of the "I'm boss" attitude that JoJo had.



I began this painting in April 2016 to try to capture the essence and soul of this boxer.  Whenever I begin a painting, I study the picture to try to have a conversation with the animal I'm painting.  As I was painting this dog, it became a male dog in my mind that seem to be expressing his wisdom through his eyes.  I started referring to him as the "wise old man".  When I look at the painting I just see a gentle boxer that has a lifetime of wisdom to share.




 How can you not fall in love with this sweet, little boxer puppy.  I had so much fun painting her because she is so darn cute.  I couldn't decide if she was just giving us the "I'm so cute" puppy eyes, or had she just done something "naughty" and was looking for forgiveness.  Whichever one you think she's expressing, she couldn't be cuter.